I look at him walking up and down. A little restless. He's got a lot on his mind lately. I try to ask him to share with me, maybe I can help by just listening. Nop, he makes me believe its his problems. He has his way of fighting his own demons. I wonder what … Continue reading Adulting

She Eventually Moves Out…

Photography by: Suad-Kamardeen So tic toc and my little black queen is 4. And sure, the government dictates, she has to move out. Out of my comforting warmth and into a new environment. OUT! Out with big books, a pen and Robben Island's Yes-Sir uniforms. Yep, she has to start school. Damn the school system. … Continue reading She Eventually Moves Out…

Happy Birthday

For the life of it all, And the breath I now have, I have never known Such a soul as kind as yours. For the very soul in me, And the babies I now have, We've never known, such an auntie That you now are The most modest of beings And the most loving of … Continue reading Happy Birthday

The Gay Agenda and Societal Hypocrisy

By Wangari Gatonye In the wee hours of the night, young revellers in Nairobi streets can be seen hopping from one night club to another. Holding hands, kissing, throwing beer bottles and laughing. A short distance away, men in make-up coil away from the frenzy; and when you stop to look, they quickly cat-walk away,(their … Continue reading The Gay Agenda and Societal Hypocrisy

Voices of the Black Woman

Mellenin Voices is a digital magazine that show cases stories of Black women all over Africa. Women who go out of their way to change the world. A new voice A new horn calling We are the melanin queens making way Set way, come hear our stories We are changing the African stories.


It’s only in the land of black, Where I can hold my pen and scribble, Scribble and write And then be prepared to die Die an accident death, Or by that stray bullet meant to kill a running thief Only in the land of black Am I prepared to die, Die for what I write … Continue reading Blackened

Will You Marry Me? Yes, I Won’t!

“I go to weddings to see how much mistakes cost”, a friend of mine told me today. It was a sad truth. Full of satirical truth and the broth of disappointment to an old age tradition’s slow death. I laughed as I sadly thought how true this was. Weddings and marriages have become two different … Continue reading Will You Marry Me? Yes, I Won’t!