That’s Life…


She had one of those faces that told one(who cared) that she got something on her mind. And it was all the time. She always kept busy or walked fast. Everything seemed to matter, even if it didn’t. She had everything going on with her. If she wasn’t posting about her husband, it was about her kids or her perfect job. The whole world actually knew what was happening in her life. It was perfect. Yet, when you looked at her, you would know. If you paid too much attention, you would notice that something(s) was amiss. Tremendously wrong.

But life teaches us different. Most things are never our business, and so I never asked. I let her be, maybe, just maybe, I was reading too much into nothing really.

Then someday, it all happened. A crack, perforation, breakage. The glass shattering, the wallpaper of perfection all gone! Nothing was as it seemed. There was no longer a caring, loving, life partner we were made to believe. A monster existed in her house. And as the cavity of pretense and nonacceptance grew in her, she let go.

She could no longer hold it. The pieces came down shattering. And great was the thunder of shame and self deception. And before we knew, it, the Cavity was deeper than life itself.

So today I look at her frail self, a life of hope and Godly optimism. Clinging to the expectancy of a foregone case. She holds on…on nothing really. But the world must know she’s still perfect. She believes she is. And there goes the wallpaper again! A cavity too deep, it’s hard to rescue her soul.

Sincerely, Carol

via Daily Prompt: Cavity


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